Hi! Hoi! I'm Isabel, a London-based director and producer with roots in Philadelphia, PA, and the Swiss town of Appenzell. I currently find myself hopping all around the globe. My filming adventures have taken me to vibrant cities like New York, LA, Cape Town, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Birmingham.
My film journey's been quite the rollercoaster. I've produced award-winning documentaries and short films that have garnered international recognition. One of my proudest moments was when "Bloomberg's Art + Technology" snagged a Cannes Dolphin in 2018. That same year, "Home Girl" was selected by BFI London Calling, and I was nominated for Best Producer for "National Anthem" at the Underwire Film Festival.
I've collaborated with major global brands, crafting innovative TV and social content for Coca-Cola, Walkers, Tropicana, WorldRemit, FLANNELS, LinkedIn, easyJet, Novartis, GSK, UCB, DHL, NHS, and Channel 4.
Lately, I've been diving headfirst into directing, having completed five Sundance COLLAB classes and currently working on my application for the Sundance Lab. I'm collaborating with incredibly talented writers and production companies to bring groundbreaking projects to life.
One of my recent proud achievements was my short film, "Custard Creams," which won a Genera Grant and was featured in the Oscar-qualifying BronzeLens festival. I've got a couple more shorts and a feature in the post-production phase that I'm excited about.
But that's not all; I've also been directing content for esteemed institutions like the Tate and partnering with well-known companies like Legal & General, Novartis, UCB, and Aldi. My journey in the film world just keeps getting more thrilling by the day!

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